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Qistory is a project of Community Link, a federal 501c3 non-profit organization based in Fresno, California.


Community Link acts as an umbrella organization for LGBTQ projects in the San Joaquin Valley. Community Link began serving the LGBTQ community of Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley in 1988 and was incorporated in 1994.


Community Link is an all-volunteer organization, has no paid staff or physical offices. 

Qistory Mission Statement​

The mission of Qistory is to document, record and store the history of the LGBTQ community of Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley so that it is preserved for generations to come and may be used as an educational resource.

Qistory is dedicated to preserving LGBTQ lives in the Central San Joaquin Valley, which stretches over 250 miles from Stockton to south of Bakersfield. We firmly believe in the saying that when an elder dies we lose a library, a museum, and a home. We wish and need to preserve the voices of LGBTQ elders and marginalized members of our community for future generations, not only for its rich history, but as an educational resource. 


To preserve our history, we will record oral histories of those in our community, We will collect and archive community photographs and videos, words and memories, to establish a living, breathing archive of the great wealth if history of our community before, now and in the future. 

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Jeff Robinson

CEO Community Link

As point person for the archive (getting people to donate to the archive, helping figure out what they are going to donate, collecting what they donate.) Founder and CEO Community Link and supervising MFT clinical social worker at Fresno County Mental Health.

Chris Jarvis

Community Member

As point person for the library in handling the donation of the archive to special collections, handling Qistory’s Facebook Page and Developing Qistory’s web site. Collecting histories from gay men. Founder and former director Gay Central Valley.

Steve Hagopian

Community Member

Community researcher for oral history, coordinating with the Imperial Dove Court, drag queen community and transgender community. Former empress Imperial Dove Court and community organizer.

Kat Fobear

Community Member

Oral Historian. Will be Responsible for coordinating the oral history training and collection of oral histories. Assistant professor at CSUF women’s studies. Director of LGBTQ Education CSUF.

Julio Mastro

Community Member

Community researcher for oral history, handling the HIV history collection, collecting histories of gay men, working to outreach to the rural communities. Former chairperson Fresno County HIV Care Consortium and founder and former director of The Living Room, AIDS service organization.

Elsie Saldana

Community Member

Community researcher focusing on lesbian and queer women oral histories. Drag King entertainer and community organizer.  

David McGee PhD

Community Member

Secretary, MFT Fresno County.

Steering Committee

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